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Benefits & Privileges Benefits & Privileges

Charter members of WISE, once acceptance is granted, have the right to deliver dispute and ethics handling services on business-related matters in their communities. They also gain the right to direct the administration and expansion of the local WISE membership. They receive direct assistance from WISE in the suggested handling of ethics matters as well as the expansion and development of local membership activities. To further assist them, WISE provides Charter members with training manuals and issues to help guide them in their duties. Charter Committees may charge fees for services delivered to the WISE membership once duly licensed. Special listings in the WISE International Business Directory distinguish Charter members as do a wide range of insignia including a Charter Membership pin, card, wall plaque and a certificate. Charter members also have access to the member-only section of the Charter Committee website.

Below are more details regarding charter membership benefits:

The Charter Committee Manual The Charter Committee Manual
A step-by-step guide to establishing and expanding a Charter Committee. This also covers how to become known in your local business community and how to administer and expand your local WISE membership.

The Standard Dispute Resolution Binder The Standard Dispute Resolution Binder
This trains one on all the procedures for resolving a dispute using L. Ron Hubbard’s technology.

WISE Charter Member Site WISE Charter Member Site
This keeps you up-to-date with all the latest news and provides you with a variety of items which you can download for use in your Charter Committee activities. It also allows you to send reports on-line to WISE on all of your Charter and WISE activities.

Prosperity Magazine Prosperity Magazine
You receive copies of PROSPERITY magazine which will keep you up-to-date on all membership news, releases and activities.

WISE Directory WISE Directory
This provides you with all the communication lines to the WISE membership. As a Charter member you receive a special listing.

WISE WINS Newsletter 5 WISE WINS Newsletter 5
These provide in-depth information and news concerning areas of the WISE membership, with issues regularly devoted to Charter Membership activities.

WISE Membership Pin WISE Membership Pin
This pin distinguishes you as a Charter member.

WISE Membership Card WISE Membership Card
The WISE membership card allows you to identify yourself as a Charter member and with your membership number allows you access to on-line benefits.

Charter Plaque Charter Plaque
You receive an engraved plaque which can be placed in your office signifying your Charter Membership.

Charter Charter
Your Charter Committee is presented with a poster size charter, listing all of the rights and responsibilities WISE has empowered your committee with.


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