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What is the World Institute of Scientology Enterprises?

What is the Hubbard administrative technology?

Who can join WISE?

What services are available to WISE members?

What is a WISE-licensed Consultant?

What is the Hubbard College of Administration?

Are businesses that are members of WISE religious groups?

What is the World Institute of Scientology Enterprises? Back to top

The World Institute of Scientology Enterprises (“WISE”) was formed in 1979 as a religious fellowship organization of businesspersons and professionals in numerous fields who share a common certainty of the value of Mr. Hubbard’s administrative discoveries.

Although members of WISE represent a diverse group—from presidents of advertising companies to owners of auto repair shops—they have discovered a vital fact: the principles and techniques of organizational administration that L. Ron Hubbard developed for Churches of Scientology could be adopted to run their own organizations—whether a Boy Scout troop, governmental agency or industrial giant—with what their leaders/owners have found to be phenomenal results. And because this philosophy and technology of administration reflects Mr. Hubbard’s strict standards of ethical conduct, they found out that along with unparalleled successes, their workplaces had flourished and prospered.

WISE plays a pivotal role in bringing this about. Originally formed as a fellowship of Scientologist businessmen and women, WISE now also is the entity responsible for making Mr. Hubbard’s administrative technology available to the business community. By functioning as an autonomous corporation separate and apart from Churches of Scientology, WISE insulates them from activities that do not belong in a Church and would distract staff from their real purpose—the ministry of Scientology.

WISE accomplishes its goal through a variety of activities. It authorizes use of symbols and copyrighted works relating to Mr. Hubbard’s administrative technology by individuals who want to use them in teaching business administration to others or in consulting with other businesses. It helps its members resolve business disputes they may be involved in by providing them the mechanism for applying the principles and techniques of Mr. Hubbard’s system of ethics and justice. WISE stands ready at any time to answer questions businessmen and women may have as to the many ways in which they can benefit from Mr. Hubbard’s discoveries.

What is the Hubbard Administrative Technology? Back to top

Recognizing that what all too often passes for life in the modern workplace is endless drudgery, inefficiency, insecurity and bureaucratic entanglements, individuals began to utilize the same administrative principles L. Ron Hubbard developed for use in Scientology churches to improve their own businesses, organizations, groups and even their personal lives.

Their reasoning was simple: As Mr. Hubbard’s administrative policies are based on natural laws of life and living, they certainly could be applied to bring sanity, stability and expansion to any organization outside of a church. Why, for example, must any individual suffer sleepless nights worrying about the future of his business or favorite club or other organization when Mr. Hubbard has so plainly outlined practical means of survival in group endeavors?

Why, too, must anyone—employee, executive or volunteer—suffer from continual infighting, backbiting and day-to-day duress when Mr. Hubbard so precisely lays out rules for group harmony? Moreover, many had long been utilizing principles from such books as The Problems of Work to help resolve problems in group and work situations. Some even compiled their own manuals using some of Mr. Hubbard’s material for use in training their employees, while others used what they knew to assist colleagues.

With such knowledge so readily available, it was only natural that businesspeople and professionals would begin implementing these discoveries to better relationships within their fields of practice and with their friends and families. Today, this technology is utilized by tens of thousands of individuals, groups and organizations, many of whom have reported excellent results. There are many reports that its use has resulted in assisting these groups to flourish and prosper.

WISE members share a keen interest in L. Ron Hubbard’s administrative technology, and through WISE they are able to reach others who share that interest and discuss projects and matters of mutual concern.

Who can join WISE? Back to top

Membership in WISE is open to any individual or company who agrees that today’s business world can benefit from sane business practices developed from the natural laws of organization, who apply the administrative technology of L. Ron Hubbard and who agree to abide by WISE’s Code of Ethics.

WISE offers different classes of membership—available to individuals, small business owners, corporate executives and consultants. The exact classes of membership and their requirements are set forth in WISE’s membership literature.

What services are available to WISE members? Back to top

WISE holds regular conventions and seminars during which members can get together and learn new methods of applying in their own businesses or professions the principles and techniques of organizational administration that Mr. Hubbard discovered. WISE also distributes newsletters, directories and other publications to its members to keep them informed about current news and upcoming events. WISE also licenses independent consultants who are experts in the application of Mr. Hubbard’s administrative technology.

Another benefit WISE provides its members arises through its issue authority function. This authorizes educators, consultants, businesses and other organizations to publish (or “issue”) training material containing Mr. Hubbard’s copyrighted works. Many WISE members want to publish passages from Mr. Hubbard’s writings and recorded lectures on organizational administration in materials they use in training their own personnel or personnel of other companies, or in providing business management consulting services. These members will incorporate Mr. Hubbard’s quotations in textbooks and other materials that they specially adapt to businesses or specific industries. WISE serves as the central authority that can give permission for such use and—of equal importance—ensures that the material as published is consistent with Mr. Hubbard’s writings.

WISE helps its members maintain high ethical standards by sponsoring local Charter Committees, composed of ethical WISE members, known as Charter members. These committees help create a more ethical business environment by applying Mr. Hubbard’s ethics technology.

Charter Committees are responsible for assisting WISE members in their communities to resolve business disputes that may have arisen between them and other WISE members, or even businesses that are not members of WISE. By applying Mr. Hubbard’s ethics technology to mediate and resolve these disputes, Charter Committees often dispose of conflicts much more rapidly and less costly than in the civil litigation system. And unlike the parties in a civil legal proceeding, both sides in a Charter Committee dispute-resolution proceeding are generally satisfied with the outcome of their case.

What is a WISE-licensed Consultant? Back to top

While many WISE members employ the administrative principles solely within their own business or profession, some want to show others how they too can benefit from this technology in their businesses and professions. These people are called consultants. To become a professional consultant, a WISE member must be licensed by WISE to use L. Ron Hubbard’s name and the other words and symbols associated with his administrative technology.

WISE’s licensing function is critically important for ensuring the integrity of these trademarks and service marks. By licensing only qualified individuals and organizations, WISE helps safeguard against unethical activities. Because of WISE’s oversight, the business community can be more assured of both the competence and high ethical standing of anyone offering business services under these marks. They know, for example, that any WISE-licensed consultant has completed a course of study in administrative technology and is skilled in helping others apply it.

WISE itself does no consulting. But individual WISE members who are professional consultants can produce spectacular results when called to help. They have rightly earned a reputation for their ability to resolve situations that others, lacking their know-how, have been unable to crack. For the technology they have at their fingertips can correct even the most difficult organizational problems.

What is the Hubbard College of Administration? Back to top

Because so many public and private sector administrators now use Mr. Hubbard’s technology, the Hubbard College of Administration, a degree-granting institution with a two-year curriculum, provides the public with the knowledge and techniques they need. Which, when standardly applied, allow them to successfully tackle challenges that are often encountered in administering and running any group, company or organization.

The Hubbard College is fully licensed by the state of California’s Bureau of Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education as a post-secondary degree-granting institution. It has also received recognition as a provider of continuing education services from the International Association of Continuing Education and Training and is a member of the California Association of Private Postsecondary Schools.

Whether one is learning specific tools to apply to his or her own organization or studying to become a consultant to help others, the Hubbard College provides the highest caliber of training in L. Ron Hubbard’s administrative technology. The curriculum at the Hubbard College is arranged so that even the novice can rapidly grasp the basics and move on to more advanced training within a very short period of time. Hubbard College courses may be taken on either a full-time or part-time basis.

Every new student at the Hubbard College initially spends time with an adviser to clarify the purpose of his or her study. Then an individualized program is developed with the focus on taking courses that present the administrative technology that will be most helpful to him. Students and graduates have reported experiencing increased production, reduced stress, streamlined organization, bettered management/staff relations and heightened ethical levels amongst employees.

The Hubbard College offers specialist courses covering such subjects as:

Use of the Organizing Board in Groups

Use of the Organizing Board to Analyze One’s Life

Sales and Marketing

Executive Essentials and Leadership

Management by Statistics

Conditions of Existence and Formulas for Their Improvement

Financial Management

Public Relations

The Use of Surveys

How to Increase Personnel and Company Efficiency

Effective Communication Skills

How to put Planning into Implementation

Hiring and the Use of Personnel Testing

Developing Effective Company Policy

The Application of Ethics to Business

Debug Technology



Data Evaluation

At this writing, Hubbard Colleges of Administration in ten countries have delivered more than 10,500 courses.

Are businesses that are members of WISE religious groups? Back to top

No. Companies and individuals join WISE as an expression of their agreement with WISE’s purposes and to participate in the services that WISE provides to its members. As with any membership organization, the members of WISE retain their autonomy and form of organization, whether they are sole proprietorships, small partnerships, or large multi-national corporations.


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